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Crystal Daze Spoon Pipe


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Product Highlights:

  • Semi-transparent Glass
  • Hand-held Pipe
  • Hand-blown in California
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • 5 inches long
  • Deep Bowl For Dry Herbs
  • Fast and Free Shipping

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This Crystal Daze Glass Spoon Pipe is a beautiful work of art, with its shiny surfaces and colorful smoky designs. Although this unique spoon pipe does not look like it, it is made of glass and is solid enough to handle high levels of heat that are emitted by lit herbs.

This glass pipe is hand made in the city of California and blown exclusively using high-quality glass. The glass, 100% borosilicate, is durable and handles being dropped quite well. The entire spoon pipe is 5 inches long making it portable and comfortable in your hand.

It does not really have filters apart from the tiny holes in the pipe that aid the transportation of smoke from the feeder to the mouthpiece. It typically fills a one-hitter but kicks a punch. The carb hole can be found on the left hand side and it has been measured out to provide the perfect level of airflow.

This Crystal Daze Glass Spoon Pipe is perfect for those smokers who are advanced and newbies. Unlike many other typical pipes, the Crystal Daze Spoon Pipe is not curved. It is straight, which is why smoke travels uninhibited.

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