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Nocturnal Glass Pipe

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Product Highlights:

  • Unique and Stylish Design
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Perfect Bowl Size
  • Easy To Clean
  • Hand Blown in The USA
  • Fast Shipping

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In search of something lightweight, portable and inexpensive? Look no further as the nocturnal Glass Pipe is a favorite for the creatures of the night. Featuring an array of colors and textures in the overall design, this pipe is not only lightweight for those that want to keep in their purse or pocket, but features durable glass, too. With hints of sparkle but not the overbearing kind, you can begin your smoking experience as if you’re relaxing in the starry night. Composed of handcrafted glass, and featuring an easy to clean architecture, this aforementioned glass pipe is one for those that love longevity, ease of use, and easy post-smoking cleaning.

The Nocturnal Glass Pipe is one that boasts creativity and design with an optimal way of smoking your favorite herb. The metallic silvery hints mixed with greens, blues, and red have us to believe that inspiration was from Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Nights” itself. For those art lovers that identify deeply with Van Gogh’s talent, you’ll want to dabble with this fantastic little glass pipe. Weighing in at around 0.5lbs, you’re able to use this and transport it whenever you want. Your purse or your pocket won’t feel that much heavier and you can store it on the go without feeling any repercussions of its weight. You won’t have to worry about it dropping and breaking immediately either, as the handcrafted glass is not only chunkier, but durable in design. Knowing this makes it easier to transport it with ease, knowing it won’t be subject to breakage quite easily.


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