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Purple Goblin Glass Pipe


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Product Highlights:

  • Intricate Glass Design
  • Blown in The USA
  • Made From Borosilicate Glass
  • 0.5 Pounds For Portability
  • Left Hand Carb Hole
  • Convenient Bowl Size

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For those that want something to show off and are willing to spend a little more money on an intricate design, the Purple Goblin glass pipe is the one for you. Boasting a number of architecturally beautiful features, the smoking isn’t the star of the show when you use this one. Composed of gorgeous and intricate glasswork, not only will you want to be careful with this design, but you’ll also be able to clean it with ease. Featuring an almost cosmic design in the bowl – the heart of the glass pipe, you’re going to be able to see the colors light up beautiful as you begin your smoking experience. Featuring intricate spiral work and an array of gradient within the purple, you can’t mistake this for any other pipe. It’s unique in appearance, simplistic in usage, and most definitely easy to clean. Your friends will be wondering where you got this. Spread the love and share this magic glass pipe, showing new and old friends alike love. For those that love the Green Goblin but can’t get enough of that purple touch, you’ll love the Purple Goblin Glass Pipe. If you want to use herb of the same name, we highly suggest experiencing said herb with the Purple Goblin glass pipe. The experience you’ll have will be astounding and you’ll feel as if you’re on another planet.

With a dash of purple at the mouthpiece and curved black stripes, the intricacy of the design doesn’t stop at the bowl piece of the spiral up the side. The entirety of the Purple Goblin Glass Pipe has been handcrafted with love, attention, and a dash of psychedelic inspiration. Great for both men and women, this glass pipe is a showstopper for sure.


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