Beakers and Straight Tubes

Beaker bongs and straight tube water pipes are often favored by the majority of smokers. Many times, these units are perceived to be the standard shape of bongs which is not entirely true. Straight tubes are composed of a simple vertical structure unlike a beaker bong which starts in a straight alignment than transitions to a beaker shaped base. The Dank Headshop provides you with a large assortment of products consisting of two styles. Beakers and straight tubes typically come in different colors, sizes, shapes and often include unique percolators. You can also take the customization of your new rig one step further. This can be done by adding attachments like an ash catcher or maybe even custom bowl.  Upon checkout, you will have the ability to choose which bowl you would like to pair with your beaker bong. You will be provided with multiple options such as bowls dedicated for dry herbs or those made specifically for concentrates.

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